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Each of the books listed on this site mentions key links and complementary tools to Wireshark. This page contains direct links to many of those references.

Free Wireshark Jumpstart Videos

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Online Wireshark Training Events

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Wireshark Qt Preview

[September 3, 2014; 10:00am PST - Pacific Daylight Time] - Wireshark Qt is named this way because of the new Qt interface upon which it is built. Although we have several months until the release candidate version comes out, you can take a look at its current development state in this webinar.

Wireshark Config Files

[October 1, 2014; 10:00am PDT - Pacific Daylight Time] - Wireshark relies on a set of configuration files to display columns in the Packet List pane, apply dissectors to the traffic, perform name resolution, display Filter Expression buttons and more. In this class we will examine the location and purpose of various Wireshark configuration files and go through the process of editing these configuration files directly.

Regex Update

[November 5, 2014; 10:00am PDT - Pacific Daylight Time] - Wireshark can use Regular Expressions in more advanced display filters. Regular Expressions (RegEx) offers a way to represent characters, numbers and symbols. In this class we will look at the current options for using RegEx with Wireshark. We' have a recorded version of a previous RegEx class in the portal, but this one will offer up-to-date information.

Wireshark Challenges

[December 3, 2014; 10:00am PDT - Pacific Daylight Time] - Test your Wireshark skills by joining us in this "Wireshark Challenges" course. In this course, Laura will present a trace file with a set of questions. You will have a short amount of time to answer the questions before Laura goes through the answers with you.



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